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A community for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

Welcome to blank_dolls!
This is a community about Joss Whedon's show Dollhouse!
We're a general community, so you can post anything from articles to icons and questions as well as your own episode recaps... and anything else that's related to Dollhouse!
Learn more about the show!

Are there rules?
1) Please use the cut for longer entries, videos or image heavy entries.
2) Please do not disable comments to your posts.
3) No images larger than 150KB outside a cut. Read more.

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How can I search this community?
If you're looking for something, we suggest using our list of tags! We also have memories but we're still working on that section!

Where's the cool stuff?
We have a few things you might be interested in right away:
  - Episode Discussions
  - Banners and Buttons to promote the show
  - Archives [Sides, Music, Pictures]
  - Polls [Eps/Other]
  - Episode Numbering System
  - Affiliates

If you have a problem regarding our community, feedback or a question, please contact us here! We also ask you to contact us should there arise an issue with another member - as we'd like to keep any kind of inflammatory discussion out of here. Thank you for your understanding!

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